WoSo Stats – Get Experience

Just sending on CV’s doesn’t cut it anymore. Clubs are inundated with CV’s from enthusiastic, educated candidates.

You’re enthusiastic? – Prove it!

You know football? – Prove it!

This is your dream job? – Prove it!

You’re willing to learn? – Prove it!

The more evidence you can provide of the above the better. I’m sure at this stage hundreds of CV’s look the same, but getting to the top of the queue will be those who can prove what’s written in print.

But your next question is how?

WoSo Stats

If you’re not lucky enough to get data sent to you from some of the big providers, you need to find other ways to get your hands on the data.

WoSo Stats is a project dedicated to collecting, analyzing, and sharing data about women’s soccer from around the world. Stats are tracked for matches and are made publicly available for all to see.

I came across WoSo Stats just before Christmas and it seems like an excellent way to get involved in a project that will allow you learn new skills and well as proving your interest and willingness to collect, share and analyse data. They are always on the look out for volunteers to help collect match data (something you will do a lot of as an analyst), analyze and share data about women’s soccer.

If you’re a student or enthusiast interested in learning more and getting your hand dirty with collection and analysis this seems like a great place to explore. Here is how you can help; https://wosostats.wordpress.com/how-to-help/ .

The analysis is done in Excel, so you don’t need to get any expensive software. You can learn more about the data collection process here.

It seems like a great way to get involved in a public project, learn some new skills and prove some of those statements you made in the CV!



Rob Carroll. Founder of The Video Analyst.com Performance Analyst. Always learning.