World Congress on Science and Football 2011

World Congress on Science and Football 2011

You may or may not know that the World Congress on Science and Football was held in Japan in late May. The WCSF is a conference event for sports scientists, coaches, medical doctors, administrators and players to provide a great opportunity to further enhance scientific research geared towards football sports in order to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and practice.

New Ideas

This is the 7th such conference and it always provides some valuable insights and an opportunity to learn more from sports you may not normally look to for ideas. If you weren’t fortunate enough (like me) to be invited or afford it they have put most of the symposium talks up online. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from some of the best academics and practitioners from the world of Sports Science.

You can see the conference programme here. I have picked out one of the first talks. This talk is by Barry Drust, who work with Liverpool FC. It gives a really good overview of Sports Science at a Premier League club and some excellent advice for people working in this environment. But please don’t stop there! There really are some fantastic talks on here and it is worth spending a little bit of time exploring most of them.

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