Video Analysis Fluffy Links

Video Analysis Fluffy Links

This post is a bit of a collection of some of the interesting sites and analysis I have come across over the last few weeks. I share most of this stuff on thevideoanalyst Facebook Page when I see it but as not everyone who reads this blog is on Facebook I though I’d share them on the blog too.

For baseball fans… actually for anybody who has an interest in what analysis can show you. Check this out.

Quick video about the RFU CPD document: An Introduction to Performance Analysis

YouTube Link

You can find out more about the RFU CPD courses here:

Rugby Kicking

Really really like this analysis. Nothing complicated just a simple breakdown, but very effective. The power of video. All done by – Great work guys.

World Cup Stats

For all you footy geeks out there. Well worth checking out the stats FIFA are producing for the World Cup. Broken down by position and all distances covered.



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