User Conferences

User Conferences

I do my best on this site not to get into which software is better etc etc… They all have their merits and I have written before about the important things to consider when buying a system, such as training, support, back-up, price and features. After that it is a case of matching your budget to the software that meets all (or most) of those needs.

Having said that there is some good material from time-to-time that comes directly from company’s and I wanted to share some of those with you now. Both links will take you to videos of the respective company’s user conferences.

Dartfish held their user conference in Colorado Springs recently and have uploaded some of the video. There really is some great messages in this and well worth spending a little time watching. This coaches are leading Performance Technologists not just in the US but all over the world. Some really good presentations from both team and individual sports.

The video is uploaded to their channel. Click Here

Sportstec held their Australian user conference back in 2009. As is common in high performance sport nobody wants to give away too many trade secrets but there is plenty shared in these videos such as match day set-up’s and the general infrastructure of performance analysis in high performance sport. My favourite was New South Wales Cricket presentation.

The video is uploaded directly on their site. Click Here

If there are other good videos around offering this type of insight please leave a comment below or just drop me an email.

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