Twin Head Tripod

Twin Head Tripod

Twin Head Tripod

A few years back I was at a Performance Analysis conference ¬†and I came across a team using a dual head tripod. Basically a dual head tripod allows you mount two camera’s on the one tripod and have only one camera operator.

What this football club were doing was using one camera to video the match from close-up and the other to give them a wide view of the pitch. I thought it as a great idea; while it is not the perfect solution it can offer you 2 perspectives of the match while only having one cameraman.

I found a good site with plenty of info here – it seems the tripod head will fit on most tripods but best to check this site out for the exact details.

I also found this picture on a forum site where somebody went and made their own version. So if you like the DIY version – it’s well worth checking out.

If anybody has an experience of using something like this or an alternative way of doing leave a comment below.

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