The Int’l Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport

There are not many places on the internet that you can find good quality, scientific information regarding a wide variety of sports. One such place is the Journal of PA in Sport. It’s an academic journal so some of it can be heavy going but you will find some great articles in their.



To give you a little bit of background info; it is published on behalf of the Centre for Performance Analysis, School of Sport, PE and Recreation, UWIC, and in association with the International Society of Performance Analysis.  The emphasis is on the analysis of performance in sport and exercise.  Topics covered also include technologies such as design of analysis systems, sports equipment, research into training, and modelling and predicting performance; papers evaluating (rather than simply presenting) new methods or procedures will also be considered.

There are usually 10 -15 articles per issue but some of the earlier issues contain a little less. Most students will probably have access to this through their college, but for coaches looking for a more in-depth look at their sport or an academic view of it, it is worth checking out. There is no problem browsing the catalogue to see if there is anything of interest before deciding to buy.

Speaking of costs; $45 will buy you every issue printed since 2005 ( 14 issues) or you can simply pay per issue ($30) or per article ($12).

Here is the link to take you to their site:

If anybody knows of other such articles or good sources of material – post a comment below!

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