Tableau for Sport Dashboard

In the latest series of Tableau for Sport video’s I wanted to created a summary dashboard for an entire season. I used some of the summary tables from AFL site;  which has loads of information. You could easily apply the concepts here to any sport.

Here is the finished dashboard I wanted to create.

I’ve picked 6 KPI’s to look at, with a season average and trend from week to week. The Team logo’s at the top allow me filter the dashboard to any team in the 2020 season.

There is quite a bit in this so it’s broken into 3 parts. If you are new to Tableau I suggest you check out my getting started video here.

You can find the data and images I used here.

Part 1 –  Building the Line Charts

Part 2 –  Building the KPI #’s and Form Guide

Part 3 –  Building the Dashboards and Interactions



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