Stats and the Irish Navy

This one is a bit tongue in cheek but I still think it makes a good point. Before reading anymore, play the video:

Ok! It’s funny but what has it got to do with Performance Analysis?

Stats Radar

Stats Radar

Well I think Stats are a little like the dots on the radar. They tell you something is there and you probably have a problem, but they don’t really tell you much else. You always need something to put the whole picture into context. In this case it’s a cheeky Lighthouse Controller, but in Performance Analysis I really think it’s video – the actual picture of what happened that put’s analysis in perspective.

It also reminds me of another quick story. I was talking to a Performance Analyst at a Premier League Club last year and he told me they got some ProZone figures of a particular game. One player’s sprint times were of most interest. He had covered the same distance 4 times in a game but 1 of those runs was much much quicker than the others. The fitness guys couldn’t explain it so they got out the video. It turns out his quickest sprint ….. was celebrating a goal.

Yes the fitness stats were important but it was the video that put it into perspective. (No doubt the player got some stick for that one).

Just something to keep in mind, if your only source of feedback is stats.

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