Cutting-edge football analytics aren’t hidden behind a cloak of secrecy any more. Dan Altman has just launched, offering advanced metrics, basic statistics, and fantasy league benchmarks for thousands of players. The site even adjusts players’ metrics to show how they would perform in different leagues.

Dan has worked with clubs around the world and explains the numbers in the site’s FAQ. And the best part is that the site has a Lite membership with ten free queries and player profiles every day. It’s smart, it’s fun, and it’s free.

Right now smarterscout covers 20 leagues in Europe, but soon we’ll be expanding it to 50 from all over the globe. Here’s what you can see for every player in our database as a smarterscout registered user:

  • minutes played at each position
  • attacking contribution based on two models of expected goals
  • defending contribution based on two models of expected goals
  • ball retention
  • eight aspects of playing style
  • skills in aerial and ground duels
  • shooting and saving skill

You can search the database with these metrics or by using a specific player as a model. And here’s the best part: smarterscout is free! Registered users can access up to 10 queries and player profiles every day at no charge. So dive in and enjoy!



Rob Carroll. Founder of The Video Performance Analyst. Always learning.