Sharing Video Analysis Files on Dropbox

Sharing Video Analysis Files on Dropbox

Getting your analysis done can often be the easy part. Balancing the amount of time you would like to spend looking at last weeks performance or next weeks opposition, with the amount of time you need on the training pitch can be difficult. One of the problems teams run into is when to playback video files. Especially at amateur level where you have a limited amount of time with the players anyway. You probably don’t want to spend an hour going through videos because this can considerably impact on your training time.

Sharing videos with players before they come training can save you a huge amount of time. This means when you get to training you can immediately start from a more advanced stage. Making as big an impact with your video session without cutting into too much training time.

One way of doing this is burning DVD’s and handing them out, but as anyone who has burnt 15/20 DVD’s will tell you – it’s not a quick process. The other way is to share the footage online – via some type of password protected site.

All of the major software companies have built their own solution to this. Some offering a simple upload/download facility while others have added many many features. They all have their merits and I would suggest if you share a lot of video online and have any sort of budget you should check them out.

But I wanted to offer a free solution for those looking to dip their toe in the water. There are different solutions to this but the one I wanted to look at was Dropbox You could easily have a folder for each player and just upload the relevant clips to their folder. You are also not restricted to video files; excel documents, team sheets, diet sheets or directions to the next game can also be shared.

In terms of security Dropbox have this to say – For me having read the description, I think it looks secure. I would have no problem sharing files on the system.

So check out the video.


2GB of Storage = Free

50 GB = $9.99 per month

100 GB = $19.99 per month



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