Evidence-Based Coaching

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Even the very best field practitioners can be limited by their understanding of when to coach a certain concept or session. Our evidence-based coaching course helps coaches to build a clear and detailed vision of how they wish their teams to play and a framework of checks and balances in order to ensure they stay on track in implementing this vision.

Studies have proven accurate recall of events from memory in elite level coaches to be less than 40%. Post-game. Our evidence-based coaching course helps coaches to bridge the gap between memory and fact.

With exclusive interviews from professional coaches and analysts, participants will gain an insight into the inner working of professional clubs, alongside tasks designed to develop an evidence-based mindset to coaching.



Throughout this course, you will read articles and watch videos from elite level coaches and performance analysts with experience at the highest levels of the game. Their insight and advice, coupled with case studies and tasks will help you, the coach, to think more purposefully about your team’s performances and development.

Upon completion, you will have a clear idea of both why it is important to measure your team’s performances and how this can be achieved at your club.

No matter what level you are currently involved with, there is something for you to take away from evidence-based coaching.

As you progress through the different modules, you will read articles and watch videos discussing the benefits of evaluating both your team, and yourself, before developing your own system of evaluation to suit your teams level of play and resources available.

Using real data on Major League Soccer provided by Opta, you will be introduced to some very basic principles of data analysis and experience how a coach can discover previously unknown trends as well as track key principles of a teams playing style to aid decision making in the coaching process.

Coaches taking this course will also be introduced to many different video analysis and feedback software’s ranging from elite-level used by professional teams, to amateur-centered options more suitable for coaches with fewer resources.

After completing the course, you will have built an evidence-based performance review plan based on what actually happens in your team’s games. The aim is to help coaches and technical directors make more informed decisions using techniques and advice from coaches and analysts at the highest level of the game.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is tailored to suit any coach, technical director, general manager or performance analyst who wants to be more purposeful and specific when considering the performance of a team. The step-by-step process of evaluating what to measure, why you will measure it and how to measure it, has been designed so coaches and other key decision makers can objectively consider team performances without being influenced by match results or key moments.

Who Are The Contributors?

  • Matt Pilkington – Head Coach, New York City F.C. U19’s
  • George Gelnovatch – Head Coach, University of Virginia Men’s Soccer
  • Lucy Rushton – Head of Performance Analysis & Technical Recruitment, Atlanta United
  • Sam Lawson – Performance Analyst, U.S. Women’s National Team
  • Oliver Gage – Head of Performance Analysis & Technical Recruitment, Houston Dynamo
  • Ewan Sharp – Performance Analyst, New York Red Bulls

Cost: $300 (use the code: thevideoanalyst to receive a 5% discount)


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