Practice Data Visualisation & Build a Portfolio

Being able to point people towards work you have produced is an important part of the hiring process these days. Organisations will look for proof that you can actually do what it says on your CV.

As the data around sport grows so does the the need for skills to help coaches and analysts make sense of it all. Data Visualisation plays a key role in this and is becoming an increasing valuable skill in both business and sport.

A great place to start is Sports Viz Sunday Sports Viz Sunday is a monthly challenge to visualize a data set from the world of sport. They provide the data and you get to practice and learn from some real heavy weights in the Data Visualization space.

#SportsVizSunday aims to allow people to share their favorites vizzes and start discussions on what is particularly appealing about each viz. Being a part of this community will allow you to see great vizzes, access awesome data, and share your passion about sports data with others!

Every month, James, Spencer and Simon will publish a sports related data set, allowing people to participate in creating a visualisation themed around this common data set.

You can head over to their site to learn more, get inspiration from other participants or start downloading the data to get stuck in. This really is a wonderful place to improve a valuable skill and have some fun with sports you may not know about.



Rob Carroll. Founder of The Video Performance Analyst. Always learning.