Performance Analysis Conference

As I mentioned on this blog a few weeks ago there is a Sports Conference being held in City West, Dublin Saturday 25th July. We will be there – STAND 26 – If you need tickets just let me know.

There are some great speakers at the conference and you are sure to learn something on the day.

One talk I would like to draw your attention to is a talk on Performance Analysis by Denise Martin.

Workshop Title: Achieving Performance Impact from Video Analysis

Key Points:

  • Using video to inform decision making
  • Performance Impact Structuring video analysis
  • Options available Pre / Post Match analysis Real-time analysis
  • Managing feedback
  • Using motivational video

Target Audience: Coaches interested in or already using analysis within their training programmes.

Many teams and athletes are doing ‘video’ or some form of analysis, but in how many cases is it more about ticking that box because everyone else is doing it, than actually having a direct impact on performance? This seminar aims to challenge coaches on the use of analysis within their coaching set-up and show how simple changes can have a significant impact on preparation, training and ultimately performance.

Ranging from pen/paper notational analysis to the latest innovations in computer based analysis, the interactive seminar will outline the methods most appropriate to your coaching needs and detail how to go about structuring suitable analysis support. The key to gaining performance impact from analysis is feedback. The coach must be able to interpret and video or stats and translate that into a message for the athletes.

Video is a hugely effective medium to illustrate that message which in turn needs to be implemented on the training ground. The seminar will debate the ‘dos and don’ts’ of feedback from a team and individual perspective with suggestions on when to do what, how much and so on.

Another aspect of video work in sport which is becoming more and more common is the use of motivational compilations. The content and timing of these can have a role in enhancing performance and again this will be discussed with recommendations on best practice.

Denise Martin is an experienced Performance Analyst and has worked for many teams and athletes including the IRFU and is currently the Performance Analyst with the Dublin Senior Hurling Team.



Rob Carroll. Founder of The Video Performance Analyst. Always learning.