Performance Analysis Articles – Friday Reading

This is just a collection of some of the articles I have come across in the last few weeks that are well worth a read over the weekend. I won’t go into too much detail but the links are worth following.

1. Let’s Play Moneyball – It started as a conversation and became the book that changed baseball and other sports forever. As it becomes a movie, player turned statistics king Billy Beane and author Michael Lewis meet up where it all began – in Oakland, California.

Great Article by Simon Kuperin the FT. Click Here

2. An Interview With ESPN’s Soccer Analysts Paul Carr and Albert Larcada. interview ESPN’s soccer analysts, giving a good insight to stats from a broadcasters point of view. Click Here.

3. Visualizing Completed Passes by Position. This one is from the blog (well worth following). I though this offered something interesting terms of analysis but also in terms of visualization. Click Here

4. Football Freakonomics – When good stats go bad. From the authors of the book Freakonomics comes a few interesting articles looking at stats in the NFL. The articles are all supplemented with a well produced video. Even if NFL is not your sport this is well worth checking out.



Rob Carroll. Founder of The Video Performance Analyst. Always learning.