Perception v Reality

I came across some of these perception v reality tricks on a website the other day and thought they highlighted the point of performance analysis pretty well.

I’ll start with this quote: So much of what we think is the raw data from the real world is having massive adjustments done to it before it’s passed on to our consciousness.

– For me this comment clearly demonstrates that that what we think we see might not actually be what we see. You always hear about peoples great coaching eye (no doubt some people have great one’s) but not everyone has one and the point is you are still trusting your eye, and as you will see below that can be a dangerous thing.

In this amazing visual illusion by Edward H. Adelson, square A and square B are the exact same color!!!

Is what we think we see, what we see?

Is what we think we see, what we see?

Click on the image for an explanation and proof.

Any thoughts or similar tricks of the eye you would like to share?

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