OptaPro Forum 2017 – Videos

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the OptaPro Forum this year, so there is no customary review. However Ryan Bahia (from OptaPro) has written a good summary here.

They have also released the videos of the presentations online. I’ve created a Playlist of the 2017 talks below.


David Perdomo Meza: Football networks motifs, a convincing quantification of team and player styles and actions

David will provide an in-depth analysis exploring passing networks and sub-networks.

Garry Gelade: Using conditional inference trees to identify successful crosses

Garry’s study will identify the most effective (and ineffective) types of cross, while also considering location as well as subsequent events beyond the initial cross.

Joe Mulberry: The take-on signature

Using tracking data alongside event data, Joe’s analysis will look to help coaches, analysts and recruitment staff better evaluate and assess quality in 1 Vs 1 situations.

Neil Charles: Shoot! Optimising the location of attempts on goal

Underpinned by Expected Goals, Neil’s presentation will focus on this metric’s application, defining an optimal shooting zone for a particular team in a particular game.

Will Gürpınar-Morgan: Identifying and assessing team level strategies

Will proposes to explore teams’ different tactical approaches by separating passages into chains of possession.

William Spearman: Physics-based modelling of pass probabilities in football

Using tracking data alongside event data, William will present a physics-based model that can assess the likelihood of a pass being completed, allowing clubs to better evaluate passing skill.

You can also check out;

Having presented a poster at the 2017 OptaPro Analytics Forum, Martin Eastwood provides a written analysis of his work, discussing the processes underpinning it, the approach taken, challenges along the way and how it was received by the football analytics industry.

View Martin’s poster here



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