Notational Analysis Schematic

Notational Analysis is around nearly as long as sport is. Most people will be familiar with a standard notational analysis sheet. Obviously for each sport it will change, but the basic idea is very simple.

# Player Name Shot On Target Shot Off Target Poor Pass Good Cross Bad Cross
1 John 1111 11
2 Paul 1111 1 1
3 Mark 1111
4 Tom 111 11111 1

This is a very simple example but there are plenty of good examples on the net and I will be posting some of my own up here very shortly.

What I wanted to show you today is something called a Schematic. – Basically it is a map of the pitch (any sport) and instead of just a table of figures you begin to paint a picture of what happened during the game. Watch the video to see how I create mine. You might have different methods so feel free to share.

I used soccer for my example but it will work equally well for any sport.

Download Blank Pitches:






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