Learning Stats via Stats Quest & Stats Ninja

As the year draws to a close I wanted to share two quick resources I’ve found really useful to brush up on long forgotten topics or to try and learn something new. This is ideal if you don’t want to commit to a full online course on statistics but need/want to understand a bit more about a certain topic.

Stat Quest

This is a truly amazing resource and I’m pretty sure I’m late to the party in discovering this. In the about section this line really stood out.

They did these amazing experiments, but they didn’t always know what to do with the data they generated.

Does that sound familiar? Well definitely check out the YouTube channel. Or even have a browse of the Video Index and start exploring. All the videos are relatively short and delivered in a really interactive and accessible format.

I wanted them to understand that what I do isn’t magic – it’s actually quite simple. It only seems hard because it’s all wrapped up in confusing terminology and typically communicated using equations. I found that if I stripped away the terminology and communicated the concepts using pictures, it became easy to understand.

Stats Ninja

Stats Ninja is a blog run by Anna Foard, a former math and statistics teacher. Current statistics consultant, data visualization enthusiast, business development specialist at Velocity Group in Atlanta.

Anna has recorded two webinars in the last few weeks on Linear Regression and Interpreting p-values. These were pretty jargon free and a good introduction or refresher to the topic. You can find the videos over on the Makeover Monday Bright Talk Channel. And I believe there will be more of these run in 2019 so stay tuned.

Anna has loads more info over on her blog https://thestatsninja.com/ and you can also find her on Twitter @stats_ninja



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