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Below are the list of Jobs displayed at the ‘Introduction to Performance Analysis Conference’ held on the 5th of August. There are more jobs to be added to this list so please keep an eye on this page over the next few days.

Dartfish (3 – 6 months)

The goal of the internship is to support Dartfish with the following activities:

  • Collect relevant information from existing customer about their use of Dartfish (process, features, example of analysis, etc..)
  • Collect testimonials from key people within federations or Universities
  • Creation of a Booklet to help the promotion / marketing of Dartfish within ALL sports, and within ALL University departments
  • Creation of a Dartfish TV with all collected examples of analysis, to help Dartfish’s marketing
To apply please contact: Benoit Ammann:

London Wasps – Season Long

Job Description:

1. Assist all home fixtures by setting up equipment and live coding.

2. Assist in controlling a pathway team by filming and coding their games (only 5 throughout the season).

3. Assist the analysis department twice a week during training.

4. Help in the aid of preview and review analysis dossiers.


1. Performance Analysis related degree – preferably on a MSc within the field.

2. Knowledge and previous experience of SportsCode software.

3. Knowledge of rugby union.

4. Hard-working and a desire to work within a successful elite sports team.

To apply please contact:

Badminton England (Short Term)

Job Description:

Badminton England are looking for someone who can work on a movement and injury analysis working in conjunction with the Physio and S&C. It is a good opportunity to work with Dartfish and with an Olympic Sport. This is a voluntary role so someone who is near the NBC in Milton Keynes would be ideal.  Someone who has a good understanding of racket sports is pretty important – as it is movement analysis they don’t need to be tactically aware of Badminton. This is a short term role starting end of August/Septemeber

To apply please contact: Hannah Behan

Welsh Football Trust (1 year) – Performance Analyst x 2

To support the Performance Analysis programme of the Welsh Football Trust in the 4 mainareas of work; player development, coach education, resource production and nationalsquad support. Working under the supervision of the Performance Analysis Officer, theintern will receive training and development in the latest performance analysis techniquesand will have the opportunity to work directly with coaches and players.
To learn more please click here:


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