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Since this site was started almost 10 years ago and almost from day 1 has been advertising jobs. Unfortunately the system used previously meant I didn’t keep any data on the actual jobs, how many were full-time or part-time or how many internships were being advertised. A few years ago we changed systems and now all the job data is logged. Below is a break down of some of the key stats from the last 20 months of adverts.

  1. The number of Full-Time jobs is much higher than people would guess.
  2. Internships still exist, they always will. It’s hard to tell if they still happen in the same numbers as before, but just aren’t advertised or there really is a move towards actually paying staff (imagine that).
  3. No real surprise that football is the dominant sport in the list. Around 2 out of every 3 jobs advertised are football.
  4. Get your applications ready. We are heading into peak season for placements. So make sure to be keeping an eye on the site and remember you can sign up for alerts.
  5. It’s not in the data below but you will need a wider range of skills than what a traditional analyst would have done. Capture – Code – Copy. I’ve written about that here and here.



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