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The Data School opened in June 2015 and is taking applications throughout the year, from prospective students looking to embark on a career in data. We have three new cohorts starting each year.

We provide four months of focussed training from some of the best trainers in the world, led by our head coach Andy Kriebel, in order to give students a deep understanding of how to store, manage, prepare and visualise data.

Once trained, graduates of the Data School are available for industry placements at clients using Tableau & Alteryx. A new class of consultants are available each February, June and October.


Do successful applicants to the school have to pay for tuition?

No. You will be paid to attend the school. You will become an employee of The Information Lab on a fixed term contract for two years. Expect to spend four (4) months in the school and then the remainder of the time working on placements with clients.

What’s the time commitment?

A place at the The Information Lab School of Data is a job. You should be committed to work full time. We don’t expect it to feel like work though, we expect it to be a lot of fun!

Are there details about what I’ll learn?

The focus of the Data School is to make the students brilliant analysts. To do this, we need to cover a wide variety of hard and soft skills. A great amount of time will be spent learning Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server and Alteryx. You’ll also spend a lot of time learning how to become a good presenter, how to tell stories, how to work with clients, etc. At the end of four months, you’ll be an incredibly well-rounded analyst.

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