Interesting Links & Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

I just wanted to say a Happy Christmas to all the readers of the site and Facebook page. I started the site 2 years ago this month and although I got off to a slow start with the writing, this year I have written nearly 50 blog posts and articles. I really enjoy writing for the site but I also love getting articles or links sent to me, I thinks its good to have a diversity of opinions and the more people that join the discussion the more we can learn from one another. I have some ideas for the site for next year but as always if you have any suggestions or recommendations please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Have a great Christmas and if you’re in the UK or Ireland please say a prayer that this snow disappears and we can get back to normal.

Happy Christmas,


These links are to stories or articles I have found interesting over the last 5 or 6 weeks.

Darts Performance Centre – for those who might want to improve their Darts skills.

A look at Man City and London Irish – Data Analytics predicted to be one of the most important strategic technologies.

The Art of an NFL Comeback – Harvard Sports Analysis Collective

Some battery operated gloves and these one for letting you use touch screen with your gloves still on.

ICT in Education –  An  outline plan on how to implement technology in the classroom.

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