I’m looking for a Goose

Scientists have found that geese flying in formation can travel around 78% further in a session than geese flying solo.

Video Analyst Large Logo2In 2008 there was no Exp Goals models or even websites where you could read about what it was like to be an Performance Analyst. What started as a very small idea, just to blog and share ideas grew into something I never could have imagined. There are now over 230 published blogs on the site (90% written by yours truly), 2 eBooks that have been downloaded by over 4,500 people, I’ve run a conference, I launched an online course and have received over 2.2 million views. The site consistently attracts over 20,000 visits a month. I’ve lost count of the number of jobs I’ve posted or the number of emails thanking me for the same. It’s a small audience for the ‘content marketing’ world but a big and loyal audience for this niche corner of the internet.

The Video Analyst has always been run as a voluntary endeavour, but that is getting hard to maintain now. The jobs are posted for free and all the blog posts are made freely available. I dare not dream of the hours I’ve put into the site but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

However, it’s stalled. I no longer write as regularly as I would like or I think the site deserves. I have plenty of ideas but just not enough time. The audience numbers have been steady for the last 12 months but I think there is room for more.

So what am I looking for? 

  • Someone with some sort of track record in blogging, journalism or business.
  • Someone to get involved at a strategic level (not necessarily writing articles)
  • Someone who wants to help grow the audience
  • Someone willing to commit to 8 year old website

Why get involved?

  • You see a business opportunity I have missed
  • You have a passion for analysis/analytics and want to put some of your free time into this
  • You like helping people and believe in paying it forward
  • You want to raise your own profile and add something to your CV

What Next?

Drop me an email with some background info about yourself and any initial ideas/thoughts you might have for the site. This is not a job, more of a request for a partner.



Rob Carroll. Founder of The Video Analyst.com Performance Analyst. Always learning.