Funding You Performance Analysis

money_treeOutside of the very top clubs in world sport, funding your performance analysis department can be difficult. Constantly going back to the powers that be looking for more money is time consuming and difficult. But are there ways you could finance some new equipment without asking the club for more money. I think there are, and watching a recent video from the Carlton AFL side I was reminded of two stories. In Clive Woodward’s book Winning (which everyone should read) he talks about how in the early days he was having difficulty funding all the plans he had. He couldn’t get the powers that be at the RFU to fund some of his ideas.

Innovative Thinking

gaming-systemThe first was to makeover the dressing rooms; At the time there was a TV programme running which pitted 2 interior designers against each other to see who could make-up a room better. After getting nowhere with the RFU Woodward approached them about doing a show on the England dressing rooms. Simple, they were interested and Woodward got a brand new dressing room befitting the World Champions they would later become. The second story was just before the world cup when Woodward insisted on talking a chef with the team to Australia. Again the RFU wouldn’t cover the costs. Woodward approached the Sun newspaper and made them an offer of the inside scope on the England players eating habits and menu throughout the World Cup. The Sun loved the idea and funded the chef.

Limited Budget

Both stories show that even on a limited budget (if any) it is possible to get things done. But how can you apply this to your local team? You don’t have the branding or pulling power of the England Rugby team. Well I still think it’s possible. Below is a video from a recent training camp that Carlton were on. There is a whole series of these, each lasting about 2 – 3 mins. They are really interesting behind the scenes footage, without giving away any trade secrets.

Use our Skills

Video is our bread-and-butter, it’s what we all do on a daily basis. Why not approach a local business – see will they sponsor your next purchase, a camera, a tripod, go-pro camera whatever. In return tell them you will shoot some video, either a behind the scenes at the club for a week and they can sponsor the show or maybe you will shoot them a corporate video? Companies want something in return for their sponsorship, we have a skill that is in high demand and something a lot of small business can’t do themselves. Perhaps there is a local camera shop or laptop repair centre that would love have a corporate video or be associated with your local club? Sure your not an international team but you still have value to add. Imagine a small series of videos shot of your team at training, in the gym or in the build up to a game brought to you by XYZ Limited… Bigger clubs have realized the potential of their brands but that doesn’t mean the smaller guys have to stand idly by.

If there still not convinced show them some of these figures;

  • 100 million people watch online video everyday
  • 3 billion hours of video is watched on YouTube every month
  • 85% prefer to watch a video than read text
  • Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy
  • People spend 88% more time on websites with video

It’s just an idea, I welcome any thoughts, but remember there are many ways to fund your department without waiting for the boss to sanction a spend.



Rob Carroll. Founder of The Video Performance Analyst. Always learning.