Football and Data Event – Combining Video and Data

The following is a guest post from Dan Barnett. Many of you may know him on Twitter as @we_r_pl Dan has run a few Football Analytics events in the past and he contacted me a few months ago about the possibility of running a half/full day even in March. At the moment he is looking to see what the interest level might be. Something more hands on and affordable than what’s currently out there. Over to Dan…

Dan Barnett

Over the last few years I’ve run a number of events relating to the use of data/analytics in Football. We have some great speakers including Chris Anderson (Author of The Numbers Game), Duncan Alexander (Opta’s Opta Joe) and other’s working in football related companies such as Playertek, Globall Coach and Hudl.

My background is within traditional analysis within the more boring worlds of Finance/Media/Telecoms but for a few years now I’ve tried to match my experience in data with my interest in football which is what led me to start up these events.

The aim of the events isn’t to tell you how to do your jobs but to try and show how better tools and techniques can make things easier for you, the plan for my next event in March is to have something more hands-on and practical than you might find at a lot of events.

If possible I’d like to gauge a couple of things as a result of this post:

1. Is there sufficient interest in an event e.g., half/full day where for around £50 – £75 you get to network with peers and discuss areas in which data/analysis can help you do your job better, whether this is just using Excel better up to more advanced analytics

2. Are there any analysts/clubs who’d be interested in getting involved in Open Sourcing any of their data/video. I wouldn’t expect this to be first team league matches, it’s more the principles of any analysis rather than the match itself so could be academy/training etc., to give the wider community an opportunity to suggest ways to develop processes in general.

Please contact me on Twitter or leave a comment below if you are interested in attending or can help out in some way.


Dan Barnett




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