EIS Podcast Special – Careers in Sport Science

podcastI stumbled across this recent podcast produced by the EIS (English Institute of Sport) and I highly recommend you check it out. It’s about 25 minutes long and to be honest I would have loved it to be longer. Some great advice for anyone working in high-performance sport from two very experienced practitioners.

Presenter Matt Slater is joined by EIS Director of Science and Technical Development Dr Steve Ingham and EIS Head of Performance Nutrition Dr Kevin Currell to discuss what makes a successful high performance sport scientist.

You can check out the full podcast here and here

A Must Read Blog Series

On his personal blog Steve has written a series of excellent blogs about the interview process for Sports Scientists. With 50,000 students taking sports science courses each year you probably need as many tips as you can get. The series opens with the following paragraph;


If you put ‘job interview’ into Google – it will return a google number of articles about some principles or methods of how to ace it. Despite this my experience of upwards of 500 interviews of  sports scientists tells me that either a) an infinitesimally small number read these; b) they read them but ignore them, because they are for prudes and surely in this day and age of freedom and democracy, ad libbing freestyle is superior, whilst preparation, organization of thought and clarity of communication is abhorred; c) they didn’t really want the job anyway, they just really fancied a 9 hour round trip from the outer reaches of the UK and that stuttering, fumbling and sighing through a somewhat predictable set of questions is pleasurable.

The interview blog series

  1. Introduction
  2. Making an impressive impression
  3. Touch, pause and engage
  4. Science in sport or sport in science?
  5. Clarity, clarity, clarity
  6. Who are you? Understanding the importance of self-awareness in interviewing in applied sports science.

This series of blog posts is a must read!!!! Go read them.

About Steve Ingham: Steve has worked as an applied Sports Physiologist since 1996 and was previously employed at the British Olympic Medical Institute.  He joined the EIS in 2005 where he has worked with over 40 Olympic and World medallists across a range of sports such as athletics, rowing and bobsleigh.



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