Careers in Sport – What More Can Jack Do?

Careers in Sport

Future Past & Present sign in the skyI got an email today. I get a lot of emails, especially from students looking for advice on how to be an analyst. I have written about this subject countless times on the blog and it’s covered in both ebooks I ‘published’. The advice has always been similar and revolves around academic qualifications, non-academic qualifications, experience and some luck. To be honest most of the emails are from people who haven’t done much at all or investigated PA as career in anyway.

However I do get emails from people who have quit or are in the process of walking away despite some very good efforts.

Below is one such email I received today. With permission from Jack I have decided to publish it. I don’t know Jack, we have never spoken other than a few emails to set this up. I don’t know if Jack would make a good PA or not. Reading the email below however you will see the commitment and dedication. Jack’s question is what more can he do?

Is this just the nature of trying to work in sport? Or is there more to it?

I’m sure Jack would benefit from any advice you have to offer. Thanks, Rob

Advice for Jack?

My name is Jack Kelly and I’m a voluntary Performance Analyst.

I have been actively searching for a Job in the industry for the past 4 years, I have had only a hand full of interviews (all unsuccessful) that tell me that I interview wee but “You Need More Experience”.

This is all well and good but I have been at this a long time and have experience with Cardiff City, Northampton Town and even set up my own department at Welsh Premier league team Port Talbot Town. I have been Volunteering at Coventry City for the past 2 years and during that time analysed every age group at the club from U7 – First Team. I come in 5 times a week and hold down a job along side.

I also have a Foundation Degree in Football Coaching and Performance Analysis and a BSc in Sports Performance and Coaching.

I check my emails and job websites around 5/6 times a day on average, I battle for every interview I do get and I literally can’t get any more experience without giving up my only source of income.

I love Football and I love Analysis but I don’t know what to do anymore.

Could you advise any way to make myself more attractive to employers or even just get more interviews.

Thank you for your time




Rob Carroll. Founder of The Video Performance Analyst. Always learning.