Infostrada Sport Launches

Infostrada Sports was founded by Philip Hennemann and partners in the Netherlands in 1995. The initial aim was to collect data on all sports in order to build up and maintain the ultimate historical archive and provide services to media and professional sports organisations. The first contract with the International Olympic Committee, to provide services for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games was signed in 1998 and the collaboration between the IOC and Infostrada Sports/Gracenote continues to this day with the current contract in place until 2020. The company has also won contracts for media and data services at successive Asian Games, Rugby World Cups and many other events. The first contract with FIFA was signed in 2002 and is also ongoing. In addition, hundreds of media companies around the world including Reuters (2004) and Eurosport (2009). signed up for media and data services with Infostrada Sports.


In 2012, an analytics department was officially set up for the first time in order to provide better services to professional sports clients, many of whom had already been clients for data for some years. Later that year, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) joined a growing number of clients using the Podium data analysis product produced by the analytics team. There are now in excess of 20 National Olympic Committees and other sporting organisations working with the analytics department of Gracenote.