Elias Sports Bureau

Perhaps the first sports data company Elias was founded by brother Al and Walter Munro. Then in his 40’s he wanted to see if he could make a living keeping and selling his baseball statistics. Although the company got off to a slow start in 1917 the Associated Press signed on to wire Elias statistics to more than 250 papers, the brothers gave up shoe sales for good.

They are locatd on the same corner of 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue to which Al and Walter first upgraded.

The company is still in operation today and boasts on their website;

As the primary source of statistics for both ESPN and CBSSports, Elias also provides content to major web sites, including the league sites.  Elias has worked with dozens of broadcasters, national and local, for more than 35 years on MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, and WNBA telecasts.