Charles Reep joins Brentford

Probably the most influential and certainly the most controversial notational analyst in Britain is Charles Reep who died in 2002 (Pollard, 2002) having devoted over 50 years to analysing soccer (and other sports) in great detail. Whilst most of his work remains unpublished his legacy remains as the primary advocate of the long-ball game or direct play.

His first published paper produced the finding that the structure of soccer is determined by near constants (Reep and Benjamin, 1968) and his work is thought to have influenced many researchers and football coaches e.g. Charles Hughes, who was the Assistant Director of Coaching for the Football Association (Hughes, 1987); Stan Cullis, manager of Wolverhampton Wanderers and Graham Taylor, manager of Lincoln City, Watford, Aston Villa, England and Wolverhampton Wanderers) to adopt playing strategies based on his findings.