5 Performance Analysis Stories You Might Have Missed

5 Performance Analysis Stories you Might have Missed

Here are 5 stories worth checking out.

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Recommended Reading: http://thepowerofgoals.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/the-case-for-data-analysis-in-football.html The Case For Data Analysis In Football.Rob Carroll
Dave Reddin (BOA): "Software does not win medals." http://on.wsj.com/RQWrGiCPA
The Most Important Soccer Performance Analyst You Have Never Heard Of – Forbes http://onforb.es/UoGrAwPerf. Analysis Sport
Soccer By The Numbers: "Why Football Is Bad For Education: A Study of English School Children" http://www.soccerbythenumbers.com/2012/10/why-football-is-bad-for-education-study.htmlChris Anderson
From @uppy01 two good interviews with @darrenburgess25 ref. his new role in AFL http://bit.ly/RZGPko #performance #beyourbestPaul Clarke

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