5 PA Stories You Might Have Missed

5 PA Stories You Might Have Missed

Some stories you may have missed over the last few weeks. Some really interesting stuff here and well worth a browse as you watch the football tonight.

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On the blog: What is the impact of Home Advantage on the rate of penalty conversion? http://dectech.org/blog/football/Decision Technology
New post regarding the role of analysts in educating fellow members of the coaching setup http://willoldhamanalysis.wordpress.com #PAJJ #OAPS101Will Oldham
5 statistical problems that will change the way you see the world http://theatln.tc/STeg8q via @businessinsiderThe Atlantic
Interview: Stafford Murray (@eis2win) "…we’re almost the first names on the team sheet" #performanceanalysis. http://www.computerweekly.com/feature/Interview-Stafford-Murray-head-of-performance-analysis-English-Institute-of-SportCPA
Good post on statistical illiteracy in the media, applied to the US election: http://simplystatistics.org/post/34635539704/on-weather-forecasts-nate-silver-and-theOmar Chaudhuri

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