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Video Presentations & The Social Environment

23 Apr , 2014  


I came across this really interesting paper last week via twitter (thanks @ScottDUK) and thought it deserved more than a retweet. The social environment during a post-match video presentation affects the hormonal responses and playing performance in professional male athletes. Christian J. Cook & Blair T. Crewther Abstract This study examined the social environment effects during More…

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Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport

1 Dec , 2013  


I’ve decided to give the best tweets of the week a miss this week and instead highlight the fact that a new issue of the International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport is out. This journal is not free but most students or academics should have access to it. There were 25 paper published in More…

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The Role of Performance Analysts in Elite Football Club Settings

16 Apr , 2013  

Figure 1 - Wright et al

It is evident that the use of performance analysis in elite sport is growing and therefore it is important to understand the importance of the role that the performance analyst plays. To date however very little research has gone into examining the role and perception of analysts working in sport. That’s why it was great More…

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Elite Coaches Engagement with Performance Analysis

10 Sep , 2012  

It’s not very often we see research into the actual use of Performance Analysis and even rarer to see research conducted like the following. “An analysis of elite coaches’ engagement with performance analysis services (match, notational analysis and technique analysis)” by Craig White, Steve Atkins and Bryan Jones. This research was published in the latest More…

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The Impact of Kenny Dalglish

7 Jun , 2011  

The Impact of Kenny Dalglish Guest Blog Post – Emily Clark, Sports Scholary Emily has kindly given me permission to republish an article from her site. I would encourage everyone to check out her site which you can find here. There are some excellent and insightful articles on their already and I’m sure there will More…

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Why Cricket Needs it's Moneyball Moment

26 Jan , 2011  

Why Cricket Needs it’s Moneyball Moment I have played a bit of cricket in my time (rare enough for an Irishman I can assure you). I was always intrigued by the stats surrounding the game; averages, strike rates, 50’s, 100’s and 5 for’s. But I always considered them a rather crude instrument to measure performance on More…

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Does Sacking the Manager Improve Results?

10 Jan , 2011  

Does Sacking the Manager Improve Results? It is a long held belief, among owners and fans, that sacking the manager will have an impact on playing performance. It seems in no other walk of life is the manager held so responsible for the results of his underlings. There are a couple of factors that make More…

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Analysing The Coach

2 Dec , 2010  

Analysing The Coach I haven’t written anything for the site in a couple of weeks. I have been busy working on an assignment and the site slipped down my priority list.  The assignment I have been working on is called the ‘Coaching Process’ and involves analysing the coaching style of a particular coach. While I’m not going More…

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Rugby Analysis: Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage

8 Nov , 2010  

Rugby Analysis: Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage In the Northern Hemisphere it’s International Rugby season again. As all you rugby followers will know there has been a lot of controversy about the interpretation of the laws recently but one aspect of play that really intrigues me is the Scrum. In 2007 the laws were changed and More…

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This Month in Research Oct 2010

29 Oct , 2010  

This Month in Research Oct 2010 1. Who Deserved the 2008-2009 Belgian Football Champion Title? A Semiparametric Answer Belgian Champion should have been the team which had ended the season on top of the ranking, but a very unlikely event happened: the first two teams, Sporting Anderlecht and Standard Liege, completed the season with exactly More…