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Combining MP4 Video Files

21 May , 2014  


Short & Sweet post today. An issue that can always crop up is merging multiple files into one single file. Trying to analyse multiple video files relating to the same game can be a real pain and really slow you down. I came across this handy tool – My MP4 Box the other day and More…

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2 May , 2014  


Guest Writer: The PA Guy (Gunnar Mattiasson): This post originally appeared on his website www.thepaguy.com When you’ve spent a small fortune on a good camera and you find that watching the movie clips you shoot with it makes you seasick, since it’s shaking so much, what do you do then? Camera equipment can be ridiculously expensive, More…

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5 Great Camera Accessories You Will Want

13 Mar , 2014  


So much of what we do comes down to collecting good footage in the first place. Although we can put a lot of time into choosing the right camera there are a whole heap of camera accessories that we should carry in our bag to make videoing easier and better. Here is a run down More…

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Performance Analysis Kit Bag – External Power

2 Oct , 2013  


Rather than write a big post reviewing this device – I thought it would be better to to do a quick video review. The Anker Astro Pro2 2000 High Capacity Battery. Getting a reliable power supply at grounds can be a real pain. Sometimes even if you can find power you have to run long More…

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Blackmagic Pro Recorder v’s Canopus Box

27 Aug , 2013  

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Last week I received my Blackmagic H.264 Pro Recorder, for anybody who hasn’t come across this device before it is a Video Encoder. Effectively it takes a camera feed converts it (in this case to H.264, currently one of the most commonly used formats for the recording, compression, and distribution of high definition video) and provides More…

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Endzone v's Hi-Pod

20 Jan , 2011  

Endzone v’s Hi-Pod Guest Article written by Dan White, Bristol I have been fortunate to have access to both the Hi-Pod and Endzone video systems during my time as a video analyst. The purpose of this article is to compare the two systems in all areas of use from my personal opinion and to help More…

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The Video Analyst Christmas List

16 Nov , 2010  

The Video Analyst Christmas List It’s getting very close to that time of year. I’m always afraid to say I like anything around this time of year because it is liable to end up wrapped and under the tree before you know it. To try and stop you getting that Woolly  jumper you never wanted or another More…

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Video Analysis Camera Specs

4 Aug , 2010  

Video Analysis Camera Specs Choosing the right camera can be hard work. Just looking at the detailed specs of some camera’s can turn you off. Hopefully this post will offer some insights into what to look for when buying your next camera. Types of Cameras High definition, standard definition, optical zoom, aspect ratio, shutter speed More…

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High Speed Video Analysis Camera

26 Jul , 2010  


High Speed Video Analysis Camera Obviously to conduct good video analysis you need good footage. While videoing team sport events is a fairly straight forward affair; Get plenty of height to video from, a standard video camera and maybe a wide angle lens are all you really need, videoing technique can be very different. Once you go More…

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Sharing Video Analysis Files on Dropbox

24 May , 2010  

Sharing Video Analysis Files on Dropbox Getting your analysis done can often be the easy part. Balancing the amount of time you would like to spend looking at last weeks performance or next weeks opposition, with the amount of time you need on the training pitch can be difficult. One of the problems teams run More…

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