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5 Great Camera Accessories You Will Want

13 Mar , 2014  


So much of what we do comes down to collecting good footage in the first place. Although we can put a lot of time into choosing the right camera there are a whole heap of camera accessories that we should carry in our bag to make videoing easier and better. Here is a run down More…

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3 Great Resources To Improve Your Presentation Skills

25 Feb , 2014  


We all end up presenting at some stage in our careers. While I dreaded the thought of it through there came a point when public speaking was just something I was going to have to do. Whether it’s a public speaking event or simply talking in a dressing room it is a skill worth developing. More…

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Buying Sports Performance Analysis Software

5 Feb , 2014  


Which software should I buy? Not that I actually add these up but this is one of the most popular questions I get asked via the site. While there is no doubt this question needs to be answered, at some stage, it’s never where I would start. If you are new to a job or More…

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Excel is dead long live…

21 Jan , 2014  

Sports Intelligence Tools - Smartabase

I came across an interesting tweet a few weeks back from @data_monkey , it read “Very interesting times for analysts! Those stuck with only MS software experience will seriously regret it in a few years.” Excel is dead long live… For the better part of twenty years, Microsoft Excel has been the most popular spreadsheet More…

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Sports Performance Coaching Tour

16 Jan , 2014  


The All Blacks have a saying that is ingrained in their philosophy that Better People make Better All Blacks. With that in mind I am pushing to find ways to learn new things (not always sports related).  As I wrote here and here the need to invest in yourself is crucial and if done correctly More…

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10 Performance Analysis Tweets of The Week

12 Jan , 2014  

Rather than go into to much detail here I just list the 10 most interesting sports analytical tweets of the last week. 1. Learning From Failure Learn From Failure from IDEO on Vimeo. 2. Opta and Data-led Video Analysis 3. An Internship Wishlist 4. Tech Invades Sports 5. Statistics on the high frequency of Sport More…

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Hands Up Who Has a Coach?

6 Jan , 2014  


New Year, New Resolutions… Most readers of this blog are involved in analysis & coaching, we all profess the need for good quality coaches and know the difference this can make to performance; so hands up who has a coach? If you believe so passionately in the need for a coach shouldn’t you have one yourself? More…

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MSc Performance Analysis Chichester – A Students Perspective

11 Dec , 2013  


Ali Pearson has just completed the MSc in Performance Analysis from Chichester. He was in the first cohort of students to finish this MSc and below he shares his experience of the course and what he got out of it. You can also read the review of the MSc’s at Middlesex University by Eanna Kennedy More…

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Invest in People not Things – Please

4 Dec , 2013  


Why is the investment always in facilities or equipment but not in the people? Look through the local or national newspapers in almost any country and you will find countless stories of clubs, NGB’s & Governments announcing the dawning of a new era with X or Y facility now being built. This facility will undoubtedly More…

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Marginal Gains v Exceptional Gains

27 Nov , 2013  


 ”If I’d asked my customers what they wanted they’s have asked for faster horses”.  - Henry Ford Steve Jobs & Henry Ford have understood the philosophy of exceptional gains probably better than anybody in else in business. 2 genuine visionaries who were not interested in making marginal improvements – they gazed into the future and saw More…

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