Online Performance Analysis Course

24 Apr , 2014  

Online Performance Analysis Course I am delighted to announce that after almost 10 years working as an Analyst and operating this site for 6 years I have now launched an Online Performance Analysis Course. I’ve lost count of the number of coaches and analysts who are starting out and want to learn more about analysis More…

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Video Presentations & The Social Environment

23 Apr , 2014  


I came across this really interesting paper last week via twitter (thanks @ScottDUK) and thought it deserved more than a retweet. The social environment during a post-match video presentation affects the hormonal responses and playing performance in professional male athletes. Christian J. Cook & Blair T. Crewther Abstract This study examined the social environment effects during More…

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Performance Analysis Accreditation

13 Apr , 2014  

Following on from a blog posted here during the week I though I would add my 2 cents to this long running debate. Do we really need Performance Analysis Accreditation? I was always of the belief that it was something that was absolutely necessary for any industry but I’m not so sure any more. As More…

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Funding You Performance Analysis

10 Apr , 2014  


Outside of the very top clubs in world sport, funding your performance analysis department can be difficult. Constantly going back to the powers that be looking for more money is time consuming and difficult. But are there ways you could finance some new equipment without asking the club for more money. I think there are, More…

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Performance Analysis Webinar Brian Prestidge

24 Mar , 2014  


Last week I hosted the first (of hopefully a series) of webinar’s with Brian Prestidge, Head of Analytical Development at Bolton Wanderers. Bolton are one of the pioneers of analytics thanks mainly to Sam Allardyce and the staff and culture he left behind. It was an absolute please that Brian was the first one up, More…

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5 Great Camera Accessories You Will Want

13 Mar , 2014  


So much of what we do comes down to collecting good footage in the first place. Although we can put a lot of time into choosing the right camera there are a whole heap of camera accessories that we should carry in our bag to make videoing easier and better. Here is a run down More…

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Sports Analytics Conference Season

5 Mar , 2014  


There is a lot happening in Sports Analytics at the moment. The Geekfest that is Sloan Sports Analytics has just ended but this side of the Atlantic the big conferences are happening in the next few months. I thought it would be a good idea to have a round-up of everything that is going. Science More…

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3 Great Resources To Improve Your Presentation Skills

25 Feb , 2014  


We all end up presenting at some stage in our careers. While I dreaded the thought of it through there came a point when public speaking was just something I was going to have to do. Whether it’s a public speaking event or simply talking in a dressing room it is a skill worth developing. More…

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3 Lessons From the Opta Pro Forum

9 Feb , 2014  


Thursday 6th saw the first Opta Pro Forum (#optaproforum). A mix of clubs, bloggers, stattos and exectutives were present to hear 9 presenters take to the stage and present their research findings. The 9 presenters had to beat off some stiff competition to get to the stage. Judged by Ian Graham (Liverpool FC Director of More…

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Buying Sports Performance Analysis Software

5 Feb , 2014  


Which software should I buy? Not that I actually add these up but this is one of the most popular questions I get asked via the site. While there is no doubt this question needs to be answered, at some stage, it’s never where I would start. If you are new to a job or More…

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