23 of The Best Sports Analysis Apps

21 Oct , 2014  


The iPad will be 5 years old in April, still a baby in technology terms. There is currently a boom in the number of Apps being produced by the more established performance analysis companies. This can only be good news as more professional, user friendly products are now being launched. Here is a round up of 23 More…

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Are You a Lurker?

21 Sep , 2014  


I started this blog in late 2008, it took me a few articles to get 100 views for the first time, you wouldn’t believe how excited I was. Since then I have written about 200 posts and can now get around 1,000 visitors per day. The site has gained a lot of viewers since 2008 and I have More…

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Understanding Video Formats

18 Sep , 2014  


Is there anything as frustrating as trying to open a video only for it not to work? You open your analysis software of choice but the video format just isn’t supported. Below is an explanation of something that drives people mad and frankly is something that is hard to get your head around. 2 Parts More…

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What’s a Performance Analysis Internship Worth

16 Sep , 2014  


Don’t worry this is not another article about why unpaid performance analysis internships are wrong. You can read plenty about that here and here.  Instead I wanted to show how much an internship is really worth – to an employer. Some quick assumptions; Most of the internships or ‘work expereince’ roles advertised require  full-time hours, More…

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The CV is dead… Are You Ready

10 Sep , 2014  


I saw this blog post recently on Seth Godin’s blog ‘Are You willing to build a trail‘. You really should sign up to Seth’s blog – it’s a great read and in this ADD world it doesn’t take long to read, at times the entire blog post isn’t much longer than a tweet. Seth posted More…

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Luck, Skill and Sport – A Tricky Relationship

8 Sep , 2014  


Luck has a very tricky relationship with sport. I remember once sitting down with a coach and mentioning the word ‘luck’, it was in relation to one of his players having won a game with a last minute shot from a tricky angle. It was a fantastic shot and lead to an exhilarating win, but More…

Diary of an Analyst, featured

From House of Fraser to Performance Analyst

27 Aug , 2014  


Guest Blog Post by Hannah Thomas, aspiring Performance Analyst. This time a year ago I worked as a Beauty Merchandiser at House of Fraser HQ. I was good at my job and had a lot of love for my beautiful, beauty obsessed colleagues – but that aside I was pretty disillusioned with the retail industry More…


Ultimate Guide to Buying A Sports Video Camera

21 Aug , 2014  


Not surprisingly good Video Analysis starts with getting good footage. I am always being asked for advice on buying a camera. So I have decided to pull all the key information into one handy to read document. The below Ebook will guide you through the key pieces of information you need when deciding to buy More…

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Why Unpaid Internships are Wrong

10 Jul , 2014  

NACE_Internships_Jobs_2013 (1)

Why Unpaid Internships are Wrong … Almost all the time! Not many things are black & white in life and despite the headline of this article, there is some room for grey in this debate. However, I still believe firmly that people should be paid for their work (even the fact that you need to More…

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SQL for Performance Analysis – What’s it all about?

8 Jul , 2014  


SQL isn’t new but it it is finding it’s way into more and more job applications. If you want to separate yourself from the 1,000’s of other applying for positions having programming and SQL skills can be a big help. In fact Ben Alamar (who knows a lot about sports analytics), said in a recent More…

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